The Low/High List: Keeping Skincare Simple

I love expensive things. I hate spending money. Such is the cruel irony of being 23, I suppose. So I've become obsessed with making the most of what I spend and where. I call this the low/high list. If I can save money on most of my discretionary expenses, I feel a lot easier about splurging on a couple of items, when they warrant it. Today's list: super simple skincare. 

The other day I read about Lucy Hale's 15-step skincare routine and nearly spit out my drink. She might be an actual angel with the world's best hair, but no way I'm buying 15 separate items and taking the time to apply them every day. More than sheer laziness and a piggy bank that's always hungry, it's not the right move for my particular skin type. Extensive fancy products work for some people, but I have such sensitive skin that the best thing to do is keep it simple. Luckily, simple also often means cheap.


Garnier Micellar Water

Just because it's simple doesn't mean it avoids trends, and I love the micellar water trend as much as the next girl. As you probably have heard, micelles are little particles that act as a dirt and makeup magnet. They range from this one, for $9 at Ulta to the $15 and up ones you find at Sephora. I've found they're not all created equal, but that it's not tied the price. Some dried out my skin and left it feeling tight, but this one is refreshing and not too harsh. I use it as my makeup remover and if my makeup is light enough, it acts as a two-in-one so I can save some face wash. They have a foaming version that I'll try once I'm out of my current stash.

CeraVe Skin Renew Night Cream

I'm a sucker for night creams, they're luxuriously soft and feel amazing right before bed, but they can come with a hefty price tag. Like a $100 price tag. Not gonna happen. On top of that, moisturizers can be tricky when it comes to sensitive skin, sometimes causing breakouts in the process. After an outbreak of eczema on my face, ugh, my dermatologist recommended keeping it simple and boring with a night cream that got the job done without all the extras. This CeraVe cream doesn't feel like a sacrifice though, it goes on smooth and rich, working its magic to the tune of $13.50 on Amazon. Paired with a simple Neutrogena SPF moisturizer for day, I'm covered without spending a ton. I haven't had any more breakouts since I started using it, so those fancy moisturizers may have been the culprit. 


MILK MAKEUP Matcha Toner

Now that we've scraped together a few extra pennies at the drugstore, a trip down the isles of Sephora doesn't feel like such a bid deal. My splurge is for solid toner, a relatively new trend that hasn't developed a true dupe yet. Plus the ease of swiping toner over my face takes no time in the morning and when I'm dying to get into bed. MILK MAKEUP sells them for $24 at Sephora, which is not outrageous but I couldn't sustain a whole counter of them. Yes, it's fluorescent green. That comes from the matcha ingredient, so even though it's scary out of the box, it's good for you. The matcha and green tea is supposed to detoxify skin and it definitely feels that way. Adding some more moistuire and giving some extra life to my skin are just among the benefits. It's worth a few shelling out a few extra dollars for this one.